One Tribe

Date: June 29, 2019
Country: The Netherlands

Overwhelming vibe during Power Hour

Defqon.1 is the biggest festival of the harder dance styles. Q-dance transformed the festival site into a town where the Hardstyle tribe get loose in a world of madness. Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands is the place to be for 85.000 people for 3 days long. This year we’re responsible for the audio of Power Hour. Together with the incredible dedicated Q-Dance team we managed to do this again.

The challenge of Power Hour is to top last year’s edition as visitors of Defqon.1 describes Power Hour as the most intense 60 minutes of their lives. Months of work and sleepless nights are worth it as the crowd explodes during this hour full of craziness. Thousands of people feel like they are one tribe during one of the biggest mass celebrations of the year.